Services We Offer


Air Conditioning Servicing

Air-Conditioning Servicing is also important servicing in your vehicle maintenance checklist. Good air conditioner in vehicle’s specially in the harsh weather works as blessing.

Here at MHA Euro, we inspect the operation of valves and thermostat, valves and components, refrigerant oil and gas, condenser temperature, etc. so that your vehicle's air conditioner works effectively.

Visit MHA Euro today to get your vehicle's air conditioner servicing done.


Batteries and Electrics

MHA Euro is a battery experts with a team of qualified mechanics to give our customers sound advice. With the latest diagnostic equipment to test your battery, we save you from facing a flat battery.

Our fully equipped workshop has the latest diagnostic technology to repair electrical issues like fuses, broken wires, broken switches or connectors, etc. in a quick span of time.

Visit us today to get your vehicle's battery and electrical needs to be serviced in McGraths suburb.


Belts & Hoses

At MHA Euro, we service and repair the belts and hoses which are very important to be maintained properly to ensure a smooth drive.

Serpentine Belts are used for air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, cooling fan, air injection pump and more.

Hoses includes the upper and lower radiator hoses plus heater hoses, it provides flexibility between coolant flow between the engine, radiator, and heating block.

Come visit us today, to get your vehicle's hoses and belts checked as well as serviced in our workshop in McGraths Hill.



Brakes servicing can't be ignored. At MHA Euro, we service brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder, brake booster, drum brakes, disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors from our expert mechanics.

Your brake gives signs of repair when dashboard light glows red or brake pedal is spongy and slow to respond or grinding sound comes during braking.

If you notice such symptoms then bring your car MHA Euro in McGraths Hill to repair/service your braking system.


Electronic Diagnostics System

In MHA Euro, we check all componentry like ECU, Crank Angle Sensor, Cam Angle Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Air Flow Meter, Oxygen Sensor, Coil Pack, Ignition Module, BCM Module, DFI Module, Air temperature Sensor, Coolant temperature Sensor, etc.

We believe in serving our customers in the best way while keeping quality in mind.

If you are facing trouble with the intermittent problem or warning engine light comes on, visit us today in McGraths Hill to get your entire engine management check through our Scan Tool which is loaded with data to read fault and codes and live data.


Diesel and oil change Servicing

In MHA Euro, we do diesel servicing and engine oil change as well as filter to ensure the long life of your engine. We topped engine oil along with the fluids like transmission fluid, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and antifreeze fluids or coolants.

Our qualified mechanics will advise you about when to change filters to ensure long term reliability and a longer life for the engine.

Visit us today, at MHA Euro in McGraths Hill for your all vehicle's needs.


Exhaust and Suspension Servicing

MHA Euro workshop in McGraths Hill is expert in exhaust and muffler repair. With ample workshop space and a team of skilled exhaust technicians, we provide a fast turnaround on the majority of the expert services that we provide.

The exhaust system in your vehicle has many functions, such as reducing noise and safely carrying dangerous exhaust fumes away from the cabin area of your vehicle.

To learn more about our muffler repair and exhaust system service, contact MHA Euro for a quote!


Fuel Check and Performance Enhancements

MHA Euro proudly provides the service of Fuel check with the performance enhancement service by giving fuel injection when required.

Over the time, fuel injectors can become dirty and might clog injectors which negatively affect your vehicle's performance. Fuel Injection is important for overall vehicle maintenance, so keep a watch and we advise timely service as needed.

Come and visit us today, to get your vehicle servicing done by our expert and qualified mechanics.


Car Accessories Servicing

In MHA Euro, we repair and replace headlights, wipers and windscreens to ensure your safety and convenience on the go. We also provide automatic mirrors and reverse parking cameras.

Wiper blades should be replaced every six months as they start to squeak, chatter or streak which reduces visibility.

We restore your headlights with a high quality protective clear coat so that it lasts long but in some cases, if headlights are broken or not in the condition to restore will replace at pocket-friendly prices.

Book an Appointment with us, to get a quote for repair or replace of windscreens, headlights or wipers in McGraths Hill suburb.


Log Book Servicing

MHA Euro is a registered authorised mechanic workshop to perform logbook servicing. We are specialised in logbook servicing to European cars like Audi, BMW, Skoda, Volkswagen and Mercedes.

Here at, MHA Euro, we follow the recommended servicing procedures as listed in the manufacture's service guide and use quality parts while ensuring high-quality servicing.

Visit MHA Euro today to get your vehicle's logbook servicing done.


Transmission Servicing

In MHA Euro, we are expert to fix any car transmission issues and offer our customers the guarantee of best and satisfying service while keeping budget and vehicle needs in the mind.

Our basic package of transmission repairs includes draining transmission fluid, removing and cleaning the oil pan, inspecting the fluid condition, full transmission flushes and checking for leaks, etc.

Book your appointment today, to get your transmission servicing done through expert and qualified technician in McGrath Hill suburb.


Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation check is very critical when it comes to traction on the road. MHA Euro will look after your tyres to ensure you a smooth ride on the go.

Regular servicing will help you maintain good tyre condition of your vehicle. In MHA Euro, we offer this service at a very low cost but it will greatly improve your driving experience.

In McGraths Hill, MHA Euro is one of the renowned service centre for all your vehicle needs.

For all your tyre servicing needs, visit us today to get your tyres checked and serviced.